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I enjoy writing books about science for general audiences but unlike many 'health books' everything I write has been supported by extensive laboratory and analytical experience. Wherever possible I write without using big words and jargon but sometimes it is necessary to include terms like 'telomeres' in order to be precise and accurate. However I believe that any intelligent person can enjoy reading the books —from doctors and health practitioners to lay people. 

If you are interested in health-related topics and you want to read the facts from someone who isn't trying to sell you anything else, then you are likely to enjoy reading my books. They are not just 'more of the same'.

My latest book, published April, 2019: Why We Age – Solving the Puzzle of Aging

I have just completed a new book called Why We Age – Solving the Puzzle of Aging. In this book, I put forward a new concept of aging that explains the overall biology of aging. I also identify the real causes of ten of the most common age-related diseases, which you will find are not quite as we've been told!

The first section (which is a little more difficult than the rest of the book) gives an overview of the mechanism of aging. I have previously published most of this in scientific journals and this is a more holistic version. The book Why We Age aims to reach a wider audience and you don’t need to have any specialized knowledge to understand it. But the book also goes beyond the biology to look at how the advice we receive on 'lifestyle' actually relates to world statistics. This reveals fascinating information - copper piping and over-heating from air-conditioning are each implicated as causes of some common illnesses and vitamin K2 and Maple Syrup provide some solutions. 

I learnt such a lot writing this. I want to share it with you too.

Why We Age gives a truthful insight into health and growing old, based on years of international scientific study. It is also very easy to understand. If you want to learn more, buy my book. Contact me for details.