The Science of Healthy Aging

Aging is an inevitable process that can be daunting to many who are not ready to accept it. The word is often only associated with wrinkles, gray hair, limited mobility, and related illnesses. But as I get older myself, I find that there are lots of great things about aging. Unfortunately, even though there has always been quite a lot of research about health and the biology of aging, many of the simple, lifestyle options have not been shared with the public. Also, not all science information has always been reader-friendly. As The Lifestyle Doctor, I make understanding these concepts easier for you.

I am a geneticist with a doctoral degree. I have undertaken considerable research into the process of aging and how this interacts with lifestyle to influence health. Basically, what you do and eat can affect how you grow old. Therefore, you have it in your power to greatly improve your health and your aging process!

My expertise in these topics comes from personal research. I have studied biology and genetics since I first went to University and I want to share these studies with you without too much scientific jargon. I have no vested interests other than sharing the results of my and others' research. I always try to present unfiltered truth. Understanding the science of health and aging is important to everyone.

My latest BOOK: 'Why We Age – Solving the Puzzle Aging'

Decades of studying developmental biology and human genetics have given me enough knowledge to introduce a new concept of aging. My latest book, Why We Age – Solving the Puzzle of Aging,” solves many questions about growing old and the diseases related to getting old.