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In 2002, Dr Judy Ford gave several public lectures on Cancer Prevention. These talks were widely acclaimed. A CD made from one of the talks has sold hundreds of copies. In response to frequent requests, Dr Ford has now produced an e-book packed with useful tips on how you can change your lifestyle so as to markedly reduce your cancer risk.

If you've been lucky enough to hear one her lectures, you will have learnt a great deal. here is a chance to renew and expand that knowledge. The book contains the very latest findings and is packed with easy to understand information and practical advice.

 What the Chapters cover:

Cancer is primarily caused by environment and lifestyle p.5

Take a look at the rates of cancers in different countries and especially in the people who take up residence in a new environment. The evidence that cancer is a disease of lifestyle and environment is absolutely compelling.

How does a normal cell become a cancer cell? p.12

What are the essential differences between normal cells and cancer cells? Cancer cells are normal cells that have changed their behavior. Understand the differences.

Genes that confer susceptibility to cancer p.17

We hear about cancer families and genes that are called "the breast cancer gene", "the colon cancer gene" etc. What does all this really mean and what does it mean to you personally? If you have a cancer gene in your family are you doomed to have cancer?

DNA, Mutation and Protein Synthesis p.22

The science behind genes and how they function is very simply explained. From reading this chapter you will understand about mutation - the changes that can occur in genes to cause them to change their function and behavior.

Keys to Cancer Prevention:

Protecting your genes and chromosomes against mutation p.43

The first stage in cancer is genetic change. In the previous chapter you learnt how this occurs. This chapter outlines the types of "agents" in our environment that can cause problems. These range from things we might breathe through to things we might touch or eat. There is great advice here on how you can both avoid these agents and strengthen yourself against the ones that you can't avoid.

Keys to Preventing Cancer Promotion:

Reducing Cell Division p.63

The second stage in cancer is cell division. Even if you are exposed to hazardous mutagens, your risk is still quite low if your cells are not dividing. So what stimulates cell division? You will find that there are a range of things from sunburn to eating the wrong carbohydrates. The relationship between weight and cancer is explained and solutions offered.

Keys to Preventing Cancer Progression:

Optimizing Cell Division p 67

The third stage in cancer is called progression. You will often have heard of someone having a "tumor" that is "benign". These tumors will often be produced by Mutation plus Cell Division. They don't progress because the cells are dividing in an essentially normal way. Learn what you need to do to keep your body in balance so that your cells divide in an optimal way.

Keys to Preventing Cancer Progression:

Optimizing Immune Surveillance p.71

Despite having cancer in the body, a strong immune system goes a long way to controlling it. This is why some people are able to get over cancer through using meditation and diet. Learn what you need to do in order to optimize your immune system. Think of your Immune System as your Police Force. You'll probably be surprised at some of the things you should do.

Appendix: Nutrients in Common Foods p. 75


Is this like other books on Cancer?

This book is completely different because it explains the scientific understanding of cancer in a very simple way. Many people studying cancer would not know all this information. Dr Ford crosses the boundaries between different scientific disciplines and brings you an overall picture. She includes information on cell division that is known by only a relatively small group of specialist scientists. She has herself researched and published extensively in this area.

Unlike many others, this book is NOT simplistic NOR a one step solution., although it is easy to understand. Cancer is a progressive disease that develops because of exposures to toxic chemicals and radiations and because of poor lifestyle habits. Certainly some people have higher innate risks than others but almost everyone can do a lot to reduce their risks.

This book gives information and practical solutions. Many of the suggested changes can be easily absorbed in normal daily routine. The book is like the talks Dr Ford has given to public audiences but contains much more specific information.

Here is an excerpt from the editorial in the "Wimmera Mail Times" written after one of Dr Ford's talks on Cancer Prevention.

"Dr Ford laid down the law on potential carcinogens for a packed public forum in Horsham. She was speaking to a microcosm of a larger Wimmera community which is continually discomforted by the frequency and uncomfortable proximity of cancer diagnoses. Everyone knows someone, or some people, cut down by cancer.

Everyone at the forum was seeking hints from an expert of international renown, someone who intimately understands the way a body builds, operates and kills itself.

Dr Ford did not disappoint. Her talk outlined the basic mechanics of cancer and then, by listing potential triggers, detailed what small but significant steps people could take to help self-guard themselves...........

Dr Ford's blueprint hinted at lives to be lived in cotton wool, but carried an unavoidably important bottom line - that even a few relatively small lifestyle modifications have the potential to add years and years.........."

Another letter of thanks from Jo-Anne Deuter following a talk to 300 business women, sponsored by Minter Ellison and Westpac Women in Business was more succinct:

"The overwhelming comment was that your presentation very clearly explained a very difficult area of science in a way that we could all understand and act on".


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