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Check the questions opposite.............

If your answers to ALL of the questions is YES, CONGRATULATIONS....... OTHERWISE READ ON.

We can work together to improve your health, happiness and well being


Do you wake up feeling full of energy? Is your energy and concentration sustained throughout the day without looking for a caffeine hit? Are you rarely irritable? Is your vision clear? Do you never feel light-headed or dizzy? Do you never get headaches? Do you rarely get palpitations? Does your skin feel good? Is your digestion excellent such that you never feel bloated or discomfort? Do you sleep soundly? Is your blood pressure normal, your resting pulse low? Can you walk up hills or stairs at a good pace without puffing? Are you about the right weight? Is your urine straw coloured? Are your feces well formed and floating? Do you pass feces once to three times every day? Have you NO chronic health problems? Are you relaxed and happy, rarely anxious or depressed? Is your breath clean? Is your tongue uniformly pink? Are your nails strong, and without spots or ridges?


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Guide to a healthy lifestyle to minimise ageing

GLOW with good health when you follow the simple lifestyle instructions that are given in GLOW - Priniciples of Healthy Ageing. This inexpensive e-book can be downloaded immediately and you can follow its simple but invaluable advice TODAY. This book doesn't just mimic what everyone else is saying. The advice is based on scientific research by expert
Dr Judy Ford.

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Are you growing old grungily? Are you cells clogged and your systems sluggish?

The good news?

* We are all living slightly longer on average. In Australia, females born in 2003 can expect to live to 83 and males to 78. The average expectancy is 81 years.

The bad news?

* The last 10 or so years of life are likely to be spent dependent on medication and medical facilities. The World Health Organization has estimated that the Healthy Life Expectancy for Australians born in 2003 is 73.2 years. That’s 8 years less than the average life expectancy.

The really good news!

* You can do many things to improve your chances of     remaining healthy
* Many of these things are simple and inexpensive
* You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll learn easily
* The Lifestyle Doctor is here to help

The slightly bad news……..

* You will have to put in a little effort
* You might have to make some changes
* No one else can do this for you

How can you access the services of The Lifestyle Doctor?

By on-line Consultation – e-mail judyf (at)
By Personal Consultation – strictly by appointment, phone 08 8244 7551

What is involved?

1. Your Lifestyle Assessment ($80)
2. Your Personal Program ($20)
3. Depending on the number of changes required, your program will set you achievable goals for the following month (it usually takes 3 weeks of practice to establish a new habit).

The costs apply to personal consultations. Internet is 20% less.


Who am I? What is my expertise?
How is my help and advice different?

Dr Judy Ford:

I am Dr Judy Ford, a geneticist, a pioneer in the area of health and lifestyle. In the 1980's I developed research programs to study people's habits and environments and found that they played a huge role in health. Working now as a Science Communicator, I educate people so that they can change negative habits and optimise their lifelong health.

My research in the 1970's began with single cells and focussed on reproduction, ageing and cancer. It was whilst I was studying the changes that occurred in cells in unfavourable environments that I realised that we needed to understand how people's lives could create these unfavourable conditions. My work has received considerable media interest and was covered in Newspapers, Magazines, Radio and TV throughout the world. In 2001 I was honored by my inclusion as one of South Australia's 14 science innovators of the Century for my work on lifestyle and health.


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As a writer and speaker, I amuse, entertain and motivate people. I translate science into easily understandable facts and common sense. As a geneticist, I stresses that many familial patterns that have been blamed on bad genes should rather been blamed on bad family habits. BAD HABITS are transmitted more frequently than BAD GENES!

How is my help and advice different?

Because I am a Scientist, I have actually done a great deal of the work that underlies my advice, I have extremely deep knowledge and understanding of how cells and organs work. Where I use others' research, I study it in depth before I use the information in my presentations and counselling.

Medically qualified doctors are trained to treat illness with drugs and technical intervention. Naturopaths are trained to evaluate bodily dysfunction and to treat toxicity and imbalances with natural products.  Neither group of practitioners takes a detailed look at how a person lives life from day to day. They treat rather than prevent.

My approach is to learn about each person and how she or he lives her or his life. I am interested in everything from the purely physical to the emotional. I am interested in sexuality and house cleaning techniques. I am interested in how you sleep, how you clean your teeth, how you eat your meals and what you have in them. I am interested in your childhood fears and everything to do with your work. I am interested in you and how you can take charge of your life, increase your energy, your brain power and your happiness.

Please contact me today so that we can begin the next stage of your life.




Changing Habits

Changing a long-term habit or way of life is difficult. We may know intellectually that we should change but we will usually find that it is much more difficult to change than we imagined. We may find that we change for a short while but quickly slip back into our old ways.

We all have strong emotional attachments to our habits. So it's necessary to discover what those attachments are, in order to let them go. Having a coach will make the process of change much easier and your new good habits can then become permanent.

Coaching can be done in person, by telephone or email.



Walking as a daily habit.....

8. walking the dog.gif (11995 bytes)

Then I decided that I would go for an early morning walk every day, I knew it would be hard to get up if I was tired or the weather inclement. I decided to buy a dog, YOGI. Yogi never, ever, forgot his daily walk!

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